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frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Mac youth includes grades 3/4 and 5/6 

Season runs from mid August through end of October.

Help!  It's my first year...what do I do?

  • Register for the season!
  • Click on the Register Player button on the home page (early bird reduced fees until June 15th)
  • Create your Sports Engine account
  • Register the player (grade level is what grade they will be entering into in the fall)
  • Pay the fee! :-)
  • Get your child's medical release form completed and signed off by Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.    It is good for two years.
  • Acquire your cleats and mouthguard 
  • watch the calendar for SPARQ testing dates and other important dates.
  • Practice, play and have fun!

Emails will be sent out just prior to the start of the season with important messages...keep an eye out for those. Also, important events can be found on our facebook/instagram pages

What team am I on?
The coaches will notify players which team they are on soon after SPARQ evaluations. Further, you will receive a "Sports Engine Team" invitation in email for your assigned team.

SPARQ testing is a series of drills we use to fairly determine teams.  We make every effort to divide teams equally 

When are practices?
The season starts mid August. Check our calendar page for the practice/season start dates.

How many days per week is practice?
Prior to Labor Day, net practice time is 10 hours per week not counting water breaks. If the weather is hot we will schedule additional water breaks for hydration, which would make a difference of an additional 10 to 15 minutes of overall practice times. Practice will be a net 6 hours per week after school starts, generally 3-4 days per week per your head coach.

Where are practices?
Your head coach will notify you of your practice location.  It is usually at Patton Middle School

When are games?
The game schedule is determined by the TVYFL. Games are all on Saturdays. Schedules are finalized by late August.

Where are games?
Games are spread out according to the clubs currently participating in the TVYFL.

What equipment do I need?

MYF will provide:

  • helmet
  • mouthguard
  • shoulder pads
  • game & practice jerseys
  • pants/girdles/shorts
  • lower body pads
  • You will be responsible for:
  • Your own cleats
  • Many purchase their own mouth guards as well.
  • Also, bring a water bottle to all practices/games!

How much will I get to play?
Mcminnville Youth Football believes strongly in teaching and learning and less on the final score of a game. As such, we make every attempt to assign a starting position to all players (if team size permits). MYF follows the TVYFL mandated rules for playing time however. Note that attending and participating in practices is required (if you don't practice, don't expect to play).

While all this is good in theory, in the heat of a game, coaches are focused on the details of the game and may overlook swapping players in/out. If this is consistent and pervasive, please contact your coach to express your concerns.  Please do not try to do this on game day or during a practice.  Again, we strive to have kids learn the fundamentals and good sportsmanship, rather than winning at any cost.

How do I stay in contact with what is going on?

  • Coach communication directly to players during/after practice/game
  • Team Parent email communications
  • Visit the Sports Engine Team website set up for your team
  • Visit the McMinnville Youth Football website and follow the IG and FB pages.

Are there parent meetings?
Parents will be notified of any upcoming parent meetings.

Are there camps that I should attend?
Yes! The Grizzlies Youth Camp is highly recommended and will count towards mandatory conditioning hours!  This year camp will be the week of Aug 9th.  Check the calendar for exact dates/times/locations.

What league are we in?
The McMinnville Youth Football program is now in the Tualatin Valley Youth Football League. This league has members from many schools around the area.  We are no longer part of the Pacific Youth Football League.

Are there rules specific to youth football?
Although the league follows the OSAA High School rule book, there are exceptions and changes for youth. 

You didn't answer my question!
Please contact your coach or the MYF Board and we will get you what you need.